why (re) is needed

“We don’t have a clue as to what people’s limits are.”

Robert Kriegel


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5 big observations drive the (re) opportunity. in combination, they speak of enormous value and necessity for all.

this is why (re) is needed.


5 big observations

big observation 2: 
the true economic opportunity isn’t what or where we expect.

we tend to think of two tiers of the economy driving everything - the 1st economy: brand names & big entities (private and public), and the 2nd economy: smaller, entrepreneurial ventures that innovate for us all. but then there all those ‘others’ out there, those who work in or are served by the first and second economies, who don’t think they’re invited to think differently or move us forward.

what would happen if we awakened that 3rd economy, the human economy and made all 3 more effective and powerful?
big observation 5:
there’s currently a gap in our understanding and resources for advancement. 

what’s currently missing is…

a deeper, collective understanding of creative thought, from its origins and environments, to its patterns and applications (explore)

wider access to creative thought for all and how to employ it, anywhere and in ways that return value in many forms (expand)

environments conducive to creative thought in order to habitually increase its application (experiment) 

what if a place existed that focused on exploring, expanding and experimenting with creative thought to give more people access to this ultimate source of all human progress?
big observation 4: the power of the individual human catalyst is far greater than we think.

what most of us would-be catalysts lack is an understanding of what creative thought looks like, the many points at which it plays a crucial role in human progress, the environments in which it is most enabled, and how it links to value. some of us even believe that such knowledge is the privilege of the few. no place exists to offer us this understanding or access to the tools, people and opportunities to collaborate with others to realize such value.

what if we created such a place that anyone could access from anywhere?
big observation 3:
isn’t a measure...

most often, we equate value and money. they are not the same. money is but one measure of value.  

... and our concepts of
investment and return
should reflect that.

flipping the value equation for investing resources, viewing return, and taking part in or ‘owning’ that return... now that’s a big concept.

what if we actually built an organization and assets around that view of value?

understanding  =  catalysts+  =  ideas  =  value+ =  progress

the (re) institute is our response to the opportunity arising from these observations. by taking the lead, (re) helps all of us progress and gives each of us the opportunity to contribute.

here’s how we calculate the return:

greater, shared



big observation 1: 
progress is about more than ‘one big idea’. 

the reality is that true human progress results from idea generation – many ideas, from many people – and from the ability to link those ideas to actual, tangible, lasting value. the key to all these elements of progress is creative thought. 
it is the ultimate seed of progress and the key to creating and realizing value.

what if we did more than recognize this combination of factors?
what if we facilitated it?

the thinking

behind (re)

how (re) came to be