why the name

“First people will tell you that you are wrong. Then they will tell you you are right, but what you are doing isn’t important. Finally, they will admit you are right and what you are doing is very important - but after all, they knew it all the time.”

Jonas Salk


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giving more people access to creative thought is why (re) exists. doing so allows human progress to start from more places and in more directions, with greater value returned to us all.

our name honors that truth and how human progress occurs.


the ‘(re)’ part...

the perceived meaning of what an institute is and does is most often driven by stereotypes.

(re) seeks to bring forth the true meaning of the word,

both the action and the place

to do so means that not only must (re) pioneer an entirely new environment and way to look at and disseminate creative thought, but also establish a precedent for encouraging others to do similarly: to look at the world differently, and to create in their own right.

we need a mindset, examples, understanding, tools,

and a place.


(  )


to act, to create, to renew... again and again
to give clarity, priority and emphasis to
(re) also means ‘going back to the original place’. in this way, our name is a reminder of how all human progress really starts. it isn’t the result of constant forward motion or a repeatable ‘how to’ formula. rather, human progress is a return to the start, a pause to consider why things are the way they are and how they might be better.

... and why an institute?

the real meaning of ‘institute’ is:

     to start

     to create, to establish

     to initiate, to begin

     to pioneer

     to advance

     something established,

     especially precedent

     the place where those things




we need a place, where human progress starts

and where we may learn how to catalyze it again and again...

the thinking

behind (re)

how (re) came to be