“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell


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the blind men and the elephant

there’s a centuries-old story about six blind men in a remote Indian village who one day encounter an elephant for the first time. each man explores the elephant differently - the trunk, the tusks, the legs, the tail, etc. not surprisingly each comes away with a different impression of what exactly an elephant is.

the core of this story has been used to teach

different lessons, from openness to closed-mindedness.

we share it to make a different point:

  1. Bulletwhat could you see if you took a different view?

  2. Bulletmore, what ‘could be’ if you considered a range

             of very different views?

like the six villagers, the following six stories are meant to give you begin a sense for the deep potential and infinite value of how (re) explores, expands, and experiments with creative thought.



stories of value

here we seek to move you further into the mindset critical to tapping the power of creative thought. we do so by telling you six stories in which creative thought was applied and lasting value created.

a story about the stories...

sampling (re) thinking

mindset, catalysts,