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“It’s not complicated, it’s merely unfamiliar.”

David Einhorn


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what you’ll find on this site + where and how to look

(re) is different. so is this site.

you’ll value both more if you keep these things in mind...

  1. Bullet think of this site like a business plan, one meant to explain:

    - where (re) came from,

    - why it matters,

    - how it works,

    - what it looks and feels like, right now and as it unfolds fully.

  1. Bullet the sections of the site weave into each other - the idea is to get

    the flow of the logic and of the place itself

  1. Bullet you come to (re) to learn to innovate and create, not to buy

  2. Bullet you’ll ‘see more’ if you put on a different set of lenses to explore


site navigation

site insight

what (re) looks like

how the framework comes to life

  1. Bullet (re)’s positioning

  2. Bullet (re) the place

  3. Bullet our output (‘products’)

  4. Bullet (re)‘s audience

  5. Bullet who’s involved

the creative framework that makes (re) work

(re)’s points of distinction

  1. Bullet (re)value

  2. Bullet (re)source

  3. Bullet (re)view

  4. Bullet (re)focus

  5. Bullet (re)organize

the thinking

behind (re)

how (re) came to be

  1. Bullet why (re) exists

  2. Bullet why the name

  3. Bullet why (re) is needed

this is where

you start...

  1. Bullet to understand (re)

  2. Bullet to journey deeper

sampling (re)thinking

mindset, catalysts,


  1. Bullet the mindset

  2. Bullet stories of value

  3. Bullet cases of ‘places’

here’s how you get around and the structure and insight you’ll find as you do

how to look at and learn from this site

what’s currently missing is…

  1. Bulleta deeper, collective understanding of creative thought, from its origins and environments, to its patterns and applications - it is the root of all innovation, value creation and progress (explore)

  1. Bulletwider access to creative thought for all, and knowledge as to how to employ it anywhere and in ways that return tangible value (expand)

  1. Bulletenvironments conducive to creative thought to habitually increase its application and drive innovation and the creation of lasting creation (experiment)

a rare opportunity exists to change the way we think, innovate, create value, and progress.

that opportunity also helps satisfy both necessary and aspirational needs we all have but often pursue in less than ideal ways.

here’s the challenge:

  1. the problems we face are rapidly increasing in scope and complexity.

  2. where once problems existed independent of one another, they now intersect as never before.

  3. the systems, institutions, and approaches we’ve traditionally used to solve problems simply aren’t up to the challenge.

  1. playing only for the short term isn’t enough to help us overcome the challenge.

  2. solutions don’t and won’t come from a single big idea.

  3. and any idea not tied to value creation is valueless.

  4. a way forward can’t and won’t come from the few.

to meet it successfully:

  1. we must change the way we think.

  2. we must generate ideas - not once, but perpetually.

  3. we must link ideas to value.

  4. we must expand our notion of value.

  1. we must = all of us.

a shared challenge

creative thought is the key to tapping this opportunity.

creative thought is the seed of more than just new ideas.

fully understood and applied as a mindset and habit,

creative thought helps us to innovate and to

realize what we actually care about most:

new value

having lasting impact

resulting in human progress

that’s why we need the (re) institute

read on to discover (re)’s origins, importance, and how it looks and feels.

the (re) institute is a place physical and virtual that teaches people to innovate

... no matter who or where they are, what they do, or the value they seek to bring to our collective future.


human progress

starts. ®

(re) is...

put simply...

let’s get you started: a quick 1-2-3 primer to (re)

a shared opportunity

creating value