“You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish the world if you forget that errand.”

Woodrow Wilson


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the space (re) fills

(re) fills this gap in the universe of resources available for generating new ideas, innovating, and creating new value.

the (re) institute offers more people greater access, exposure, and guidance to creative thought and value creation.

perhaps most importantly, (re) acts as a bridge, linking all creative thinkers, regardless of sector, to one another and in so doing, creating intersections of thought and collaboration where the best source of progress for all exists.



(re)’s positioning

(re) fills a unique space in the market, promoting and facilitating improved understanding and use of creative thought and linking those who produce it to one another -  across sectors, industries, and mindsets.


what defines the gap (re) fills?

a missing seed,

a missing link


siloed views,

siloed value


much potential power and progress remains. there is tremendous potential for a much larger market for creative thought, the value that could come from it, and a greater pool of catalysts using creative thought to generate new value.

if only they had access, exposure, and guidance as to how to link the two (creative thought to value creation).

untapped potential/audience


creativity is often admired particularly when it takes form in a tangible way.

it’s pursued (in the arts), it’s studied (in the sciences), and it’s wished for in many other places.

but much as we admire creativity, we rarely focus on or seek out its seed: creative thought.

in a similar way, value is much admired and as a goal, most often defined through a single form or measure.

yet it’s unusual to focus on the link connecting creative thought to the creation of tangible, lasting value.

even when we do consider the power of creative thought, we usually do so within silos, the narrow confines of our own knowledge, or work, or environments. rarely do we look elsewhere, across silos, or at their intersections.

when/if we think of the power of creative thought, we tend to limit our thinking about the forms creative thought might come in as well as the places where it might be applied.

what (re) looks like

how the framework comes to life