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our output

you may think products. we think assets - living, growing assets.

this is the ‘output’ of the (re) institute. each of the assets we seek to develop is described here. their power and value isn’t in being or becoming single products, but instead acting as fuel for countless products, movements, models, and other vehicles that create value.

(re)think ®
knowledge/history repository

the repository for the countless stories of how, where, and under what circumstances creative thought has lead to value creation, lasting impact, and human progress (no such repository exists)
a bi-directional database and storehouse of analysis, trends, history, meaning and more
the central accessible point for anyone to dive into, search, and add to creative thought
the link between all the assets and the exchange between them

(re)play ®

learning put into action

  1. -an open space interactive game for community-wide creativity, thinking and solution generation addressing specific and real challenges

  2. -a never-ending game, constantly incorporating new learnings

  3. -a means for putting (re) learnings into action

  4. -a way for new ideas in creative thought to be constantly added

  5. -a hub for active engagement of both micro and macro communities worldwide

(re)connect ®

putting others into play

  1. -a broader, more proactive form of LinkedIn, connecting not just people, but ideas, projects, and skills as well

  2. -a database of activities, ideas, people and know-how that enables partnering for more creative solution discovery

  3. -a natural feeder asset into (re)play and (re)group as well as other assets

(re)tell ®

sharing the learning

  1. -(re)’s proactive multimedia reporting and sharing of what we learn and what we do with a broader public - whether they ever engage (re) further or not

  2. -a means of highlighting stories, value, trends, and more

  3. -a means of support for (re)’s efforts to inform a larger set of discussions of which creative thought should become a part 

(re)visit ®

Making (re) mobile

  1. -a way to take (re) out of its physical gathering space to other places, either to share ideas, transplant methods, or focus our energies on a specific place, people, or problem

  2. -facilitated either by actual, physical visits or virtual ones

  3. -a reflection of (re)’s commitment not just to share outcomes and outputs but the ability to create the same elsewhere, with or without (re)’s support

(re)group ®

facilitating deeper dives

  1. -a service for putting together specific resources (activities, ideas, people, know-how...) in more intimate and focused settings than offered by other (re) assets

  2. -a potential source of revenue for (re) as advisor, matchmaker, other

  3. -a natural offshoot of (re)connect but not reliant on it

(re)fuel ®

wonder why all the connecting lines to the (re) assets cross over each other?

simple: each asset is intended to naturally feed multiple others. in this way, the (re) assets rise in value faster, benefit one another, and keep each other fresh and meaningful.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

People do what they do to prove what they believe.”

Simon Sinek



what (re) looks like

how the framework comes to life