(re)’s audience = catalysts

the current paths for value creation constrict the places where new thinking occurs and constrain the catalysts of new ideas and new value. this creates an opportunity for (re) to change the interaction and target an audience that’s currently limited in its ability to fully contribute to creative thought and creation of value.



[ ôdēəns ]n:

  1. an opportunity to be heard;

  2. those to whom you speak.


[i-ˈkä-nə-mē, ə-, ē-] n:

  1. a system of interaction or exchange.

important context


at (re) we think of ‘audience’ and ‘economy’ based on the more expansive but less often emphasized definitions of both, rather than the more narrow interpretation of audience as customer and economy as simply financial.

our view

for (re), economy is about more than producing single products and finding someone to buy them. at a more fundamental level, it’s about understanding what drives people to interact, exchange, and create. the traditional view is that creative thought and lasting value occur in what we at (re) call the first and second economies. our bigger view extends beyond the traditional frameworks to include us all:

(re)’s targets the catalysts - those who want better, who want to change things as they are, in other words, those who want and seek the power of creative thought.

where (re)’s audience resides

what (re) looks like

how the framework comes to life