(re)inspire [re in-spahyuh
r] v:

to fill with a quickening influence


“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird, but how could it fly if it remained an egg?”



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most people don’t explore a website in total. often that means they don’t get to the bottom of each page either.

at the bottom of each page on the (re) site you’ll find a little but powerful gift we call (re)inspire. it’s yet another way we’re exposing you to our thinking - by sharing with you select quotes from an incredibly broad and inspiring range of people - past and present - who helped push us forward to the future.

(re)inspire offers you a subtle invitation to sample the waters of their thinking. each quote is selected, at least in part, for its ‘fit’ with the knowledge and ideas offered on the page it appears.

here we collect them - so you can reflect on each further, consider them in total, and find them easily.

enjoy, and think creatively about what could be.

the (re)inspired quotes collected

“What is the standard when you are doing something that’s never been done?”

Christopher Moore

“To exist is to change.

To change is to mature.

To mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

Henri Bergson

“It’s not complicated. It’s merely unfamiliar.”

David Einhorn

“Make it as simple as possible and no further.”

Albert Einstein

“A creative process isn’t something you learn in a day and use forever, and it isn’t a set of simple steps you read out of a manual.

It all becomes your natural way of being, what you were put on earth to do.”

Diego Rodriguez

“Do the thing you think you cannot.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell

“Originality is dangerous. But if you want to increase the sum of what is possible for human beings to say, to know, to understand and therefore in the end, to be, you actually have to go to the edge and push outwards.”

Salman Rushdie

“The perpetual obstacle to human advancement is custom.”

John Stuart Mill

“Not satisfied, I decided to take it a little bit further...”

Stephan Pastis

“When our tools are broken, we feel broken. And when somebody fixes one, we feel a tiny bit more whole.”

Lev Grossman

“The question isn’t, ‘who is going to let me?’

“It’s, ‘who is going to stop me?’”

Ayn Rand

“If you have men who will come only if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them.

“I want men who will come if there is no road at all.”

Dr. David Livingston

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

People do what they do to prove what they believe.”

Simon Sinek

“Reduce everything to its maximum.”

Earl Kim

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eye off the goal.”

Hannah More

“One responsibility that we neglect at our peril is that of self-discovery.”

Spencer Wells

“Let’s get rid of the on/off button.”

Steve Jobs

“There is no thrill of mortal danger to surpass that of a lone man trying to create something that has never existed before.”

Irving Stone

“Always put contradictions in and you will defeat stereotypes.”

Junot Diaz

“The course was more plodding than heroic.”

Steve Martin

“Responsibility means having a creative response.”

Deepak Chopra

“To not realize (re) is like

settling for the map instead of the territory.”

Larry Robertson

“The mainspring of creativity appears to be man’s tendency to actualize himself, to become his potentialities.

By this I mean the directional trend which is evident in all organic life - the urge to expand, extend, develop, mature - the tendency to express and activate all capacities to enhance...”

Carl Rogers

“Limits are negotiable.”

James L. Adams

There are Three Domains of Creativity:

the ‘ah!’ reaction (as in artistic originality); the ‘ah ha!’ reaction (a la scientific discovery); and the ‘ha ha’ reaction (via comic inspiration).

Arthur Koestler

“It’s easier to get money to support right-handed thinking than left-handed thinking.”

James L. Adams

“A mind with waves in it is not a disturbed mind, but actually an amplified one.”

Shunryu Suzuki

“The riskiest thing you could do now is be safe.

Operate at the fringes.”

Seth Godin

“Find something you love and put your might into it.”

Cal Ripken Sr.

“We are only preparing ourselves for an invitation

to join something larger.”

David Whyte

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift...

              and the rational mind a faithful servant.”

Albert Einstein

“We can’t solve problems at the same level at which they were created.”

Albert Einstein

“Can we touch it?”        “If you wish to.”

Sugata Mitra

“First people will tell you that you are wrong. Then they will tell you you are right, but what you are doing isn’t important. Finally, they will admit you are right and what you are doing is very important - but after all, they knew it all the time.”

Jonas Salk

“We don’t have a clue as to what people’s limits are.”

Robert Kriegel

“You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish the world if you forget that errand.”

Woodrow Wilson

“I guess one of the things that sets us apart from other animals is our dreams and our plans.”

Ernest Hemingway

“The secret to my success is that I bit off more than I could chew and then chewed as fast as I could.”

Paul Hogan

“We all die in the end, but there’s no reason to die in the middle.”

David Mamet

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.”

Thomas Paine

“This day we sailed on.”

Christopher Columbus

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Michelangelo Buonarrati

“I was the head coach - part of a team whose members enjoyed joint ownership. The UCLA Bruins was not my team. It was our team.”

John Wooden